Group Vs. Indvidual Life Insurance coverage

Group Vs. Individual Life

Life insurance under a large group plan usually involves little or no underwriting. If you work at the company, you are automatically covered. Smaller group plans sometimes require some underwriting—the smaller the group, the more underwriting they may require. Individual policies often require you to prove insurability by supplying medical information and perhaps submitting to a medical examination.

Under group life, the company is the policyholder, so company management determines if the insurance is to be continued or modified. In companies with unions, the union’s labor contract may also specify some of the terms of the coverage. If you have an individual policy, you control the policy and you can take steps to have it have it modified or terminated yourself.

Group life coverage does not continue if you quit your job or are terminated, though you probably have an option to convert to a permanent individual policy within 30 days. 

A personal life insurance policy is not related to your employment and so it will continue when you change jobs.